G'day Y'all

Howdy! I was born and raised in North Carolina.

Hence my love of baseball and why I think crunchy peanut butter is a food group.

I've spent the last decade in my adopted home of Perth Australia. Yes, the spiders here are HUGE! 

I'm a voice actor, stand-up comic, sports commentator, live announcer, event MC (corporate/community/sporting), and Thor's doppelganger.  So, I also do on-screen acting and print modeling.  Guess you could say I'm flat out like a lizard drinking.


I love to perform! I'm boisterous, silly, and love to make people laugh (even it's just me).


Head to Facts to learn more. Reach out too -

I'll hit ya back like a Southern-fried Boomerang! 

I look forward to working with ya mate! 





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