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I commentate sporting games and matches, but baseball being my specialty.  I've done play-by-play, color commentary, and live announcing in both America and Australia.  I like to provide unique analysis, fun player stories, and paint a verbal picture for those listening to just the audio.  My League Associations include the:  Atlantic League, Australian Baseball League, Baseball Western Australia, Coastal Plain League, and Gaston County High School Athletics.



For many years, I have served as a baseball youth mentor in Australia.  As a coach, club vice president, charter president, and equipment manager, I love helping young players develop their skills on and off the field.  It's my way of giving back to the game that has provided me so much.

Live Announcer


Baseball Youth Mentor

As a commentator/analyst, I feel I've done my job well, when someone says, I learned something from your broadcast, or that was an interesting point you raised during the game.  The legendary commentators (Harry Caray, Vin Scully, and Ken Harrelson) told you stories throughout the game, and made you feel like they were talking to just you.  You could feel their charisma and passion in the words.  In my own American/Australian way, that's what I aim to do.

Color Commentary


I started playing baseball at age six and watching games soon after.  It only makes sense that it's one of my favorite topics of conversation.  Having played in both Australia and America I have a unique perspective from inside the broadcast booth.  Give me a microphone with a sun-soaked field, and I'm the happiest guy you've ever met.

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