I love to perform! I've been gravitating towards microphones and saying ridiculous things out loud my whole life.  I'm boisterous, silly, and love to make people laugh (even it's just me).  At a previous job, there was a microphone I used to give fellow staff members....(cue dramatic music here) a grand entrance.  My boss banned me from the mic after about a week. 


I'm often cast as the sports promo guy, cool older brother, or unapologetically masculine, energetically, over-the-top, active, outdoor adventurer.​ If my voice were a beer it would be full-bodied.  If it were an instrument it would be a bass drum.  But i'm more than just a thunderous roar, I can give you softer, more reflective reads too.

You may have guessed, I am a bit different.  I was born and raised in North Carolina.  But having lived in Australia, for over a decade, my Southern accent has permanently mixed with an Australian accent to give me the hybrid voice I have today.  No seriously, listen to my demos, and you'll be saying, "That's different, and something we could use for our project."


my demos

are different

Ash Fields - American Australian Voiceover Demo
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Ash Fields - Baseball Commentary Highlights Demo
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Ash Fields - Baseball Commentary Long Version
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Because my accent is so unique, most people have a difficult time placing where I am actually from.  Could be Ireland, Scotland, New Zealand, South Africa, Wales, the UK, or America.  If you ask an American I sound Australian.  If you ask an Australian, I sound American.  I am a perfect vocal hybrid.  I get a real laugh out of this.  When someone picks my American, Southern accent straight away, I'm really impressed!

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