A Chris Hemsworth doppelganger with a rich, deep voice.  People have called me Thor, the wrestler Shawn Michaels, a young Jeff Bridges, an early eighties Vince Neil or David Lee Roth, and when I'm rocking a mustache the Honey Badger (for any Australian Rugby fans out there). 


As a natural entertainer and a bit of a larrikin, I'm great at bouncing off a crowd's energy but can bring plenty of my own.  I'm the guy who laughs really loudly at the gym and interrupts your playlist on those trendy, wireless headphones.  I don't own an umbrella or take myself too seriously.  And for me, memory foam shoes are the best invention ever!

I love laughing, finding the humor in life, and just  having a good ole chat.  Or "yarn" if you're Australian.  My biggest skill is talking about anything and making it fun for those listening.  Hand me a microphone, and I'm doing what I was born to do. 


I think cereal can be dinner, and Donatello is the best Ninja Turtle.  If you ask me about my day, I will give you an itemized breakdown of what happened.  That's true. I can grow a mean beard, prefer summer over winter, and believe strawberry ice cream doesn't get the attention it deserves.  

I host live events, & do on-camera work, as-well-as print modeling. I've got some serious hair too - the man bun, surfer style, Viking beard, Chris Hem's stubble or clean-shaven, I can rock whatever look you need. 


My gregarious, outgoing personality has me chatting with everyone on set and sharing a laugh to keep things relaxed. 


I'm ambidextrous so hand me a baseball bat! I believe it gives me creative versatility too, and a unique perspective on life. 


With mic in hand (right or left), as an MC, event host, voice actor, or sports commentator and announcer, my artistic style is up-tempo, energetic, engaging, and authentically me.  After all, there's only one American/Australian Ash.

Ash In Action

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